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A smooth race never made a skilful photographer.
Here's the proof.

I have always been fascinated by the power of an image.
Photography is one of my favorite hobbies but I have never seriously tried taking pictures of motor sports because you really need adequate equipment, a lot of patience and a ton of talent to do it.
What do we think about when talking about racing? The noise of the engines and pit works, the smell of racing fuel and everything else that our eyes memorize, mainly the beautiful cars.
Now think about photography. A photo that captures a mil of a sec, a close-up that instantly provides you with all the other senses that relate to racing, is a piece of art.
The photos you will see in this website, are supposed to give you emotions, capture your attention, make you want sit and stare for a long time. Feel the race through a click.
These photographers that, very kindly, accepted my invitation to contribute with their work for this project are all SPECTACULAR!! It was extremely hard to select the photos I needed for launch out of their portfolios.
New photos will be frequently added and their galleries will reflect all updates. Enjoy and get mesmerised by these impactful visuals.
From exposing them and their huge talent, I hope good things come to them through Dust In The Pit Lane.
If you’d like to contribute, please let me know! Say hello and drop me a line!
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