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The core of my professional life is Digital Marketing. Throughout my career I had the chance of working with massive projects in North America and South America, but most of it was in Europe, dealing with markets like UK, France or Italy. I love what I do. I have lived in Stockholm and France and now I am based in Lisbon, Portugal and I work now for a Communication Agency.
In 2016 I got a new client - Racing Stories - for whom I acted as a content curator and event producer - that made me go back in time and relive the extraordinary world of racing, a passion I put on hold for years. By then, the fact that I had to go deep into every single race event, watch documentaries, videos, read a lot about teams, drivers, regulations, championships… gave me the pivotal encouragement to follow my own instinct and articulate my emotions. Finally I’ve decided to merge my digital marketing skills and experience with my passion for motorsport - that’s how and why Dust In The Pit Lane (Dust stands for Rally and Pit Lane for Racing) came into being.
My dream would be to work directly with this world. Which I do already, fortunately, but I want more. It’s never late to dream! My skills and competencies are just below, if you think any of them fit your needs let me know.You may contact me through my email below.

Digital Content & Strategy

Social Media


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