24 Hours of Le Mans 2020

24 Hours of Le Mans in 2020

A 88th edition without public but still happening for our very own delight!

It will be a special one this year. Due to the global pandemic situation, Le Mans was postponed from June to September, which means four more hours of night racing. There won’t be spectators. There won’t be ferris wheel. Some regular contenders can’t attend due to finantial pressure or because there are way too many travel restrictions and logistics are not easy to handle right now.

Dust In The Pit Lane was already accredited for the event but all accreditations were revoked at some point and only a few got them back. It may have been disappointing but also 100% understandable considering the health situation. There will be more Le Mans editions to attend to in the future.

I just would like to thank the ACO, FIA WEC and everyone else involved for making it happen in such a difficult year!

This will surely be a special one.

TWO DAYS to go!

Source and Photo Credit: Adrenal Media