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Dust In The Pit Lane aims at delivering the world the best there is in motorsport photography. Directly from the eye of the photographer, we want to show everyone how powerful, beautiful and magical the whole racing universe is, and yet explain how hard it is to everyone involved. At each season, at each race, at each championship, year over year, a huge number of people is committed to working together in order to achieve the so wanted podium and victory for a team! Motorsport ‘behind the scenes’ is incredibly complex. Everyone counts and is critical at every single step of the way.

Aside from making people dream through Photography, Dust In The Pit Lane also supports Women in Motorsport and Young Racing Drivers. These are other two of the four pillars of this motorsport project.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, women with racing in their blood, have been writing history in motorsport. Dust In The Pit Lane wants to be part of the movement that promotes the spirit, inspires the participation of women in motorsports, no matter the role they play, and cherishes their victories and achievements.

Dust In The Pit Lane is also keen on identifying and partnering with young racing drivers to provide them with the encouragement and exposure they need in the hard beginnings. We want to help them attract sponsors in the single-seater racing universe by providing endorsement in our website. New and fresh talent is the future and we want to be a part of it!

At last but not least, Dust In The Pit Lane is also a blog. Something light to read, written by a female petrolhead who’s absolutely passionate by motorsports and wants to give voice to her experiences and favourite teams, drivers, championships.