LMDh. The endurance top class that will bring Porsche back to Le Mans. News are widely spreading!! They are back! Porsche will make its return to the Endurance Top Class (Hypercar) with a LMDh prototype in 2023, coincidentally (or not!) the

When looking back to 2020 and what dramatically changed, motorsports wise, I can only think of eSports and its mega growth! That industry grew in two months what they would possibly grow in two years. The boost was incredible. Having

A 88th edition without public but still happening for our very own delight! It will be a special one this year. Due to the global pandemic situation, Le Mans was postponed from June to September, which means four more hours of

Out of the record 62 Le Mans entries, 11 will be Ferrari. Yes, you read it well. Horse power all over the place! When it comes to LM GTE Pro category for the professional drivers, there are three entries. The two AF