Blancpain Hungaroring 2019 - Photo by Michele Scudiero

Two years of the best adventure of my life.

Two years. TWO. I’m overwhelmed that two long years went by like… really fast.

What can I say about these two years? Aside from being thankful for a million reasons, I am especially thankful for that day during a round of the WRC in Portugal in 2017, when at the service park and after speaking with Sebastien Ogier and Tommi Mäkinen, I swore to myself I had to put my motorsport dream ‘thing’ together.

Seems like yesterday I was downloading entry lists of more than two dozen past events, so that I could tag people right on Instagram. Seems like yesterday that I got hold of five people, explained what my idea was and how they could participate on it and they said yes. Seems like yesterday, me at Silverstone, finding my way at the Grid Walk, staring at all those super cars and thinking to myself… what on earth did happen? Is this a dream? 

Truth is that never in my mind have I ever thought I’d get into this world for real. Through some bumps and apex approaches (haha!) we made it here.

Being allowed to meet motorsport legends (and that includes photographers too) I only used to follow and admire from afar for years and years, it is just mind blowing. But it did happen. And I’m so grateful.

Grateful also to those who believed in me, who have been with me since day 1, 279 or 435, those who have been incredible friends and supporters throughout the way. You all know who you are, so huge kudos to you!!!

Right now it seems like a very long time ago since we were still able to be on track, book flights and request media accreditation for 2020 events. The planet apparently said no to all of this. Now we are all confined to our homes, watching in real time, and from our safe places, to an uninvited and very mean virus taking over our lives, our countries, our planet. Times are troubled and tough, true. There will still be some time until we get to be out again, meet family and friends and hug them, go anywhere we want to… basically, be free again. 

Same holds true to going back to race tracks. To be able to breath and live everything that makes us happy.

Yes, it will be some time until we do it again. BUT. Stay assured that this, as everything else in life, will ultimately end and leave us all alone. 

For the time being, we just need a little patience. Apart from a grim near future, this nasty outbreak will also bring positive things to our lives. Quoting the mighty Monty Python (a fav of mine), always look on the bright side of life. This is something to always keep in mind.

It’s not only you living this gruelling situation… it’s all of us. So you are not alone. Together we will overcome this.

In the latest months a lot of ideas came to my mind, because I really wanted to celebrate this special date in style, with all of you, those that throughout this long time have always been there. Through thick and thin and without even knowing, many of you helped me to keep the motivation and the drive. So I just wanted to do something special. 

Unfortunately, everything changed from one day to another and it’s now a mess to send anything by ground mail even. When it’s time again, we will celebrate it later on as I had it planned. I’ll keep the surprise intact though.

We are a big network now, true.  However, it’s not the network that makes us impossible to go unnoticed, in fact, it’s each photographer’s individual talent that actually puts them out there. You know that I also publish non-DITPL photographers because I simply admire their work incredibly so it would be silly to keep them out.

There will be changes in the future but the commitment keeps being the same: put in front of your eyes, the best motorsport photography you have ever seen! We’ll also start focusing a bit more on historics, WRC and who knows what else.

We’re also evolving into a business, with specialised services, among others. The website will reflect that soon.

We all need to progress in life so let’s see what the future brings us all.

Today someone asked me what had been the biggest surprise after these two years of DITPL. 

You know… I believe that what struck me the most is that we really are a big and united family. I used to not understand the meaning behind ‘motorsport family’. Now I do understand. 

We’re all part of it, one way or the other.

We, at Dust In The Pit Lane, would like to thank you all out there, who have been following our work and for being there cheering us up the whole way through! Thank You. 

We will be around supporting you too, you are not alone!

Until it’s time again… Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Positive.

Together we’ll beat this! See you on a racing track soon!


Ana, Oliver, Michele, Marcel, Silas, Rip, Rajan, Pedro, Jonny, Nico, Fred, Rik, Stefan, Mark, Matteo, Chris, José, Sash, Alex, Eric, Jack and Gavin.

Photo by Michele Scudiero @ Blancpain Hungaroring 2019