Food for thought. Dust In The Pit Lane v2.0 is out. 🔥

Oh yes. This coming March we celebrate the launch of the Instagram account. Last year I decided I would launch Instagram before the Website or Facebook, I wanted to feel how such a profile would impact those who love motorsports like me. Then obviously I realised it could work so my whole idea wasn’t going to trash. 😃

I then spent the entire month of March last year, working like a maniac to have the website completed, finished and launched by the 1st of April. And even if it was April Fools’ Day, nope, it was pretty real.

I have to say that for a first year of existence, overwhelming is probably the best word to describe it. This little project of mine totally exceeded my higher expectations, it went places I had never thought it would! Not in a million dreams. But it did.

So this coming weekend, the whole website will be refreshed, but the most important update is that there will be huge changes in the Photographer section. Dust In The Pit Lane will, after the weekend, be ready to work with anyone who needs high class photography and is into the motorsport universe. Why? Because the overall project mission really changed with time.

It went from humble me, trying to vocalise my passion about the octane world, into something more serious. I realised that a good photo is better than a million words. It really is.

That’s the way manufacturers, teams, drivers and brands overall sell their ambitions, their products, their challenges and finally their victories or even losses and still keep an audience. 

Having said this, we’re going from 5 photographers to…. a bit more in number.

And they are spectacular!!!!! Each one of them have a very own and special style, but at the end… they are all incredible. Aside from that, they trusted me and believed in my project from the beginning and I am grateful to them all. It’s going to be an amazing adventure from soon on.

I truly hope you keep following us and getting involved! 

Dust In the Pit Lane is also changing its mission in this world and beyond. 😜

Those are all things you’ll see soon, when they are revealed.

Step by step, this small little thing of mine is getting somewhere. I’m so full of ideas. 

I want you, over there, to be involved so please feel free to let me know what you think when everything’s out.

Until then… yep, build some expectation please!!! 😃😉

Thank you for reading this!




  • 2019-03-05

    Joe Buxton

    Glad to see you going from strength to strength , keep up the good work and your pictures are awesome as always.
    All the best
    Joseph buxton

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