The Glickenhaus video that will blow your mind away

How can we from Dust In The Pit Lane – Photographers, Digital PR and Communication professionals – transform the lives of our partners and customers? In one word: LOVE. We pledge to deploy all the skills, experience, creativity, time and dedication to achieve the final best result possible: to provide the most spectacular content to our clients.

In the last couple of days I received two surprising e-mails from photographers of the DITPL network. Never would I have expected to receive a contribution of this magnitude, alone two. Both show the true commitment that our fellows put into their creative processes – and the unrestricted passion to bring the term “content creation” to a completely new level.

For those of you who impatiently want to see the first of these submissions: please scroll down to the end! For those of you who want to build up the tension, there is a bit more of a story behind all that …

How Corona confronted the world – and how it answered

The outbreak is already changing the world as we know it and will eventually pave the way to a more humane economy. But it will also set new business rules. Now is the time to be creative and reflect about new ideas to support people and businesses in the most efficient way. Now we need to get out there and showcase our true potential to a transforming market – and what brings us in the lead. As service providers, we are excited for interesting and challenging times ahead.

People that were mistaking the digital transformation for a futuristic vagueness, now are right in the middle of it: FaceTime, Skype and Zoom – day in and day out. Remote work became the new rule for millions these days. 

It’s a bit of a struggle for many, considering that working from home requires self-motivation and a lot of discipline to keep productivity intact.

Who knows, if in the future, instead of a physical office, teams gather once a week at a cool co-working office or any other nice setting. This will cut costs and might be even more productive and pleasant for everyone involved. Video calls will also help to stay in touch. Moreover, nature will thank us for it.

The Magic Button

Each photographer of the DITPL network has developed a unique signature style. And this brings me back to the introduction: Our contributors Jonny Henchman and Oliver Selzer sent two extraordinary videos, unasked and completely out of the blue. Those not only show the process and the dedication that is needed to achieve breathtaking results like these. The videos themselves tell the creation of the two artworks in the way of creating their own mesmerizing story. Whoever thought that it’s just a magic button to be pushed: Sorry, that was a lie!

To be honest, these are two rather outstanding pieces in terms of editing. We work together with photographers who are more purist, too, and that is another great thing. Because taste is a very subjective thing, right? 

First video to go out is Oliver’s. It takes you step by step into a photographic journey with the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus. It had blown my mind away, and I am pretty certain it will do the same for you. 

Whatever we do, we do it with love.

Take care, stay well, positive and at home. We’ll be back to racing sometime soon!

Enjoy the video!

Video credits: Oliver Selzer I speedmatters photography

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