37 years in the making: Kyalami

This last Saturday, history was made in South Africa. The Kyalami 9 Hour, a race that has been 37 years in the making (yes, 37!) has been rebooted by the Intercontinental GT Challenge Powered by Pirelli for its season finale.

What a spectacular race this one was. Incredible and a very entertaining one. So much has happened!

From spins and a few crashes, to a violent blow out tyre, from a team being consistently P1 until… the so well known African thunderstorms landed at Kyalami. There was torrential rain, rain turning into steam when hitting the hot asphalt, wind, hail, thunders… you name it.

This, together with a very long FCY, safety car and a last pit stop, didn’t let GPX Racing (Michael Christensen, Kevin Estre and Richard Lietz) get the win they deserved from the very beginning. It is racing but it’s cruel and heartbreaking. Everyone in the team did an outstanding job, so congratulations to you all!
The Gulf legend is definitely coming back. 

Frikadelli Racing Team, together with the super speedy Nick Tandy, Dennis Olsen and Mathieu Jaminet, took the lead after the safety car went out and green was back and won the race.

A race packed with super star drives.⭐️

Both Manufacturer and Driver 2019 titles went to Porsche and Dennis Olsen. 👏👏🏆

Looking forward to having Kyalami back into the Intercontinental GT Challenge calendar for good.

Season is almost, almost over. WEC Bahrain is next!

Photo Courtesy: Porsche

Race Final Results here.