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No 'dude' here!
It's a she.

Who would have thought. A female motorsport blogger.

Hello!! I’m Anabela and I’m a motorsport blogger based in Portugal, more exactly at the beautiful village of Cascais. Well, maybe I just have to say that being so enthusiastic about racing in general, I just found a good way of vocalising my passion through writing.
If that makes me a blogger, I doubt it but hey… that’s the way everyone understands what I, occasionally, do.
Those who know me since a young age, know how passionate I have always been about motorsports. It’s never too late to start something new so, since 2018, here I am, doing my best to get involved and participate in all race events possible. Funny thing is that many of those who follow and interact with Dust In The Pit Lane still think it’s a ‘dude’ over here. I’m sorry to let you know that is not. haha Surprise!
Aside racing I do have a life of course. Nope, not just ‘petrolheading’ around! 😃😜 My friends are my family, photography a hobby I truly like, movies and music are part of my everyday life, traveling inspires me and always triggers my creativity! Cooking is also something I like to do, I love dogs, and cats too!
Hope you enjoy the website and feel free to drop me a line if you’d like to say hello!

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