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I got into motorsport photography by accident. I asked a friend if he could get me a ticket to the London Champ Car Trophy. He said that if I could take some photos for him then he’d get me a pass. Took my 2 megapixel Sony Cybershot to Brands Hatch and didn't have a clue what I was doing. Soon figured out that I needed to press the button a second before the car came in to frame. Took some rubbish photos, but got asked by another friend to shoot FIA GT at Silverstone for them. ‘Upgraded’ my camera to a 3 Megapixel Minolta and off I went. Got a few shots I liked, but met a some photographers who were very keen to tell me that I cant make money from motorsport photography and that I should quit (not that I ever had any intention to be a motorsport photographer!). I took this as a challenge, and now here I am 16 years later, a full time motorsport and automotive photographer with some big names on my books. One day I’m sure I will want a change of scenery, but whilst I’m 46 years old and still learning new things about this business every day I’m enjoying every moment!

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