Le Mans 2018 - 'Pink Pig' by Marcel Langer

The Pink Pig on Dust In The Pit Lane

Dust In The Pit Lane has got a massive Porsche enthusiast community, that is clear. A lot of the most engaging content throughout three years, has a Porsche in it.
I may be perceived as a Porsche addict (which I am and don’t hide) but above all, and especially in this space, I’m a car lover and I want to display (like someone I know sees DITPL😃) the ‘National Geographic’ of motorsport photography!
However, in this case I can’t ignore that this is the most popular photo of all time on Instagram!
The Manthey-Racing Pink Pig 🐽 is a must in every feed and Marcel captured it in perfection in 2018 during the 24 Heures du Mans. 👏👏
📸 Photo by marcellanger.com
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