Porsche and Concorde. Two youngsters.

Aside racing, aviation is also a passion of mine. Alike endurance races, I can easily spend a lot of time watching a few episodes in a row of all aviation related tv series to that matter.
Concorde is by far, my favorite and the most spectacular airplane ever built. In an era when technology was conventional and digital was still very far away from being used, it’s really amazing how this beautiful ‘bird’ was developed and flew for decades.
Just the fact that the distance between London to New York (covered in just two hours and 52 minutes) remains unbeaten, is simply stunning.
I only wish I could have flown on her, but I missed it!

Anyway, yesterday I was reading the news and literally stopped when I saw this.
Wait, Porsche and the Concorde, together? Why?
Being a big fan of the Weissach brand, needless to say I got excited, this was a pretty awesome combo!

So basically Porsche meets Concorde 50 years later.
Developed in the same era of ambitious, ground-breaking engineering this two met as they celebrate a special anniversary: 50 years of the Concorde 002 and the Porsche 917-001.
Two people who took control of those two icons got together and guided each other around their respective machines.
Richard Attwood won Le Mans at the wheel of a Porsche 917 in 1970 and knows the car by heart. Captain Tim Orchard, in the other hand, piloted the fastest passenger aircraft ever created and is joint World Record holder for the shortest time for the flight between New York and London.

This video (and stunning image) is the result of that unforgettable and one of a kind meeting.

Photo Credit & Source: Porsche