The fraction of a second. By Richard Pardon.

I’m fascinated about photography. That was one of the main reasons for coming up with Dust In The Pit Lane and use it to showcase talented motorsport photographers. Directly from the eye of the photographer, I want to show everyone how powerful, beautiful and magical the whole racing universe is, and yet explain, through images, how hard it is to everyone involved. 

For quite some years now, there is one photographer I absolutely admire and love what he does. 

That is Richard Pardon. 

He’s super talented and works the light like no one else. He has an eye for detail and his portraits are unbelievable. 

I have been following him through automative and motorsport photography mainly, and nowadays I’m proud to quickly identify his work as soon as I see it. It is exquisite and unique.

In 2013, as a young talent he was invited to the EEF Photography Awards ceremony at the Houses of Parliament thanks to an image of the Caterham F1 engineering team. He was shortlisted in the professional photographer category.

Last year, was the year I happily (and luckily) got closer to Richard’s work, through Bentley Motors in this case. During the 24 Hours of Spa, he managed to take some of my all time favorite shots. He perfectly captured the ambiance, the beauty of those powerful cars, the state of mind of drivers and the team, the works during pit stops, the night race… Just magical in my humble opinion. I was spoilt by choice when it came to selecting images to publish on Dust In The Pit Lane.

If I already had this 24 hour iconic race at Spa on my bucket list, after those images, I knew I had to go there.

A few months later, he was back with Bentley at Laguna Seca. And the same happened. I believe there are no other majestic images of the Corkscrew like those he took.

He’s considered an ace photographer by the industry, he has been published by several well-known publishers and does tons of work for global car manufacturers, mostly luxury segments, like Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, BMW among many others.

He travels like crazy and, fortunately to us, he gets to show his whereabouts and work through fantastic Stories on Instagram. 

Today he shared this video and I couldn’t let the chance slip by. Here’s what the fabulous work and life of Richard Pardon is. Super video edit by him too.

Keep all that talent and amazing images coming Richard! You are brilliant. 😘✨

Video credit: Richard Pardon

Click here to check his website!