Scout, Spectrum & Riot. Le Mans 2019 Winner Art Car!

Art can be anything. A Porsche is a piece of fine art too so why not wrap one and make it unique and recognisable forever?

This is exactly what happened. Porsche Digital developed a new product called “Second Skin” and in cooperation with Team Project 1 created an Art Car to compete the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

External partners were involved, such as Andy Blackmore (motorsport livery designer and owner) and… Richard Phillips, the artist behind the design.

This where my story starts. 

Surprisingly I have succeeded to book a time with the artist behind this special Art Car. Off we went to meet him during friday’s open pit walk and at Team Project 1’s garage. Car was dismantled (alike all the others) but Richard kindly welcomed us and we started our (very laid back) conversation.

First of all, Richard is a huge motorsport and Porsche fan and ultimately a Porsche owner himself. 

Being part of such big project was a real treat and a dream come true.

And the story goes… Many months ago, Jörg Bergmeister the Porsche factory driver for Project 1 challenged Richard to create an Art Car design and after pinching himself (this is my assumption…!!) he obviously took it and started to think about different possibilities!

So you know, I wouldn’t have pinched myself for the simple reason that I would have fainted out of excitement. Oh well. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Anyway! So Richard gives life to hyper real and hyper sexy imagery through his art – this would be THE opportunity of a life time to display his work in a very unique way: at the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans!  

After some inspirational time spent at the museum in Zuffenhausen, he started to develop the idea of combining three of his most well known works in one single design and apply it on to the unique body work of the latest Porsche 911 RSR. Very quickly he knew how to use each paintings in the car: On the driver’s side of the car is painting ’Scout’ (1999), on the right hand side is ‘Spectrum’ (1998), and on the rear is an inverted detail of the ‘Riot’ painting, (1998).

Scout’s anonymity behind her sunglasses and her hair thrown over the hood was a must have in Richard’s mind. Riot was perfect as well. Taillights are many times related to ‘eyes in the dark’ so this would be just perfect. If I’d be driving from the rear and following it, I’d very likely get hypnotised.

Now, what he didn’t know was how hard the wrapping of such a full of details car is. The Porsche 911 RSR has a lot of bulges and angles, so the process took many months, endless sketches and changes, 3D renders that looked fantastic but then proved to be highly complex to turn into reality. Finally, after a massive amount of work and many meetings, the wrapping process was finally completed. End result: The car looks amaaaaaazing! #NoMoreBlackCars

Project 1’s Art Car will be remembered forever and will be part of Le Mans history. Not only for it’s unique art (first Porsche Art Car) but also because the team WON Le Mans in it’s GTE Am class and grabbed the FIA WEC Championship GTE Am 2019 Title too!!

Important to note is that this Art Car is the only in motorsport history ever to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans and/or a World Championship of any kind. And significantly it is a Porsche 911 RSR. Hats off ladies and gents. 🙌

I would like to add that the fact that Richard Phillips is so passionate about motorsports and is living the dream, created a special point of empathy between us. I am sure we could have talked for hours about what makes us both so wholehearted and happy about this motorsport world we’re both experiencing now! 

It was an immense pleasure to have met him and I would like to publicly thank him for his kindness and time. Thank You & Congratulations Richard!! Your art is now part of Le Mans History forever!


Project 1 Art Car Photos/Videos Courtesy: Porsche / Andy Blackmore / Richard Phillips

Photos Onsite: Mark J Timms