24H Series Barcelona 2019 - Photo by Oliver Selzer

2020, the game changer.

The world changed in 2020.

And it changed us. Our routines. Our sense of freedom. Our life.

Cities will have to rethink their urban and social strategies for the future. Offices will adapt to a new reality or totally change their scope of existence. People will start valueing more of a balanced life. For the best or the worst, there’s a urge for change, the planet needs it.

And we’re adapting to that so called ‘new normal’.

From completely free to move around, we now need to be thorough with our travel plans.

We gained a new fashion accessory: a mask (which I seriously hate!). It is necessary though, and we should use it whenever necessary. The smiles are still there anyway!

It’s been a crazy year so far!

Regardless, we all had personal and business plans prior to this health global turmoil and it is, therefore, important that we keep track of our initial strategies and adjust them to this new reality.

This is the reason why we are doing a survey. We had plans for 2020, but they have been disrupted for several reasons. During the pandemic, there was no racing, therefore no fresh content. It’s resuming now but with severe restrictions to media. Nonetheless, we’re doing our ‘thing’ and we’ll keep doing it!

We would like to ‘listen’ to what you have to tell us. Are we still in line with your expectations? Are we doing the right thing? It is important for us to touchbase with those who follow the brand, listen to them and realign accordingly.

We promise it won’t take a lot of your time.

You can take the survey here!

Thank you so much! Have a great day!


Photo by Oliver Selzer