The Other Side of The Fence by Nico Mombaerts

Just close your eyes and imagine. You are at a racing circuit somewhere, one of your favorites, one of the iconic ones. The noise of the engines, loud works going on during teams’ pit stops, the smell of racing fuel and everything else that our eyes can memorize to an extent, mainly the beautiful cars.
Now translate that into photography. A photo that captures a mil of a sec, a close-up that instantly teleports you into this world of racing is a piece of art. It really is.
Nico Mombaerts is a Belgium based freelance Motorsport photographer and the founder/owner of He has an impressive portfolio of magical images. Those same pieces of art that actually wake up all your senses to racing, those that you can just sit and stare for a long time.

I was invited to write the introduction, so I feel very honoured and grateful to be part of this journey! Thank You Nico Mombaerts! I’m so proud to have you on board of Dust In The Pit Lane! ♥️

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