Time to Corkscrew. And it’s not Xmas!

It’s time again. Not the sort of corkscrewing activity during festivities but THE Laguna Seca (round 2 of the Intercontinental GT Challenge) gruelling Corkscrew. The Corkscrew is a unique turn! By the time a car reaches the apex of Turn 8A (the righthander), the elevation is at its steepest. The Corkscrew drops almost 18 meters between the entrance of Turn 8 to the exit of Turn 8A in less of 140 meters of track length. From Turn 8 to Turn 9, the elevation falls 33 meters, or just over 10 stories. Can you imagine that?

Photo shooting at the Corkscrew gives us some of the best shots in motorsports and makes of the WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey, USA one of my favorite tracks!

Anyway, and because you just can’t miss this race, here you have all event timing details in Central European time plus the livestream link. Enjoy the #IntGTC!

Intercontinental GT Challenge – Cali 8 Hours

📸 Credit: Richard Pardon for Bentley Motorsport